Friday, December 16, 2016


Drawing of Flying Kitty 
About me: The schools I have attended were a lot of schools, Lockwood elementary, Jack North Rope Elementary, John Sweat Elementary and, Las Juntas Elementary, Martinez Junior High School and now I attend James Denman middle school. What I Want to be when I grow up is a art teacher, my hobbies are drawing and playing video games. 

Rinko panda range . The schools I went to is Longfellow. The job that I did was babysitting. When grow up I want to be a writer. My favorite thing to do is to ride my bike

Giselle Fairy Mode

1.Giselle Fairy Mode
2.Longfellow,Jdms.Dont have a job or chores that my parents pay me.
3.I want to be a Vet
4.I like watching Anime and playing games and watching YouTube

About Francheska Infinity Prism

1. I went to Longfellow for elementary, I've stayed there for kindergarten through fifth grade.
2. At home, I usually wash the dishes as a chore or I clean my room and closet.
3. When I grow up I might want to become an artist or police officer.
4. The things I like to do is draw, read manga/comics and listening to different kinds of music like K-Pop.. My hobbies are playing games, watching youtubers and watching anime.

About Alberto Coconut Pattern

Alberto Coconut Pattern
I went to George Washington elementary school, olph middle school, James denman middle school
I don't know what I want to be
I enjoy playing games and soccer