Monday, March 13, 2017

Happy Birthday February

2nd periodDENALI  February 3rd
Ysabel   February 20
Thalia February 28


  1. Danali you are very smart and quiet durring class.
    Ysabel your very intelligent and helpful with others
    Thalia your smart to and funny.

  2. Denali: Happy Birthday and I like your Retro 13 fam...
    Ysabel: Happy Birthday and I like your drawings.
    Thalia: Happy Birthday and I like your Legend Blues...

  3. To Denali:
    Happy Birthday and thank you for being a good classmate!

    To Thalia:
    Happy Birthday and you are a very smart person!

  4. Denali,
    You are a great friend who likes to hangout with his friends.

    You are great at doing your work and being on time.

    You are smart and you show it a lot in Social Studies.

  5. Ysabel: I'm really happy to have you as my friend, you're really sweet!
    Thalia: I think you're really funny and I think you're really smart.
    Denali: I like your hand writing.

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  8. Ysabel you are very nice
    Thalia Is really smart
    Denali is also nice

  9. Denali:happy b-day ,nice shoes
    Ysabel:You're a great friend who is smart and is amazing at drawing
    Thalia:You're outstanding and really smart

  10. Denali :Happy birthday my dude I like your shoes
    Ysabel : Happy birthday Ysabel you are such a amazing person
    Thalía: Happy birthday girlfriend I'm so happy that we became really close friends I love you as a friend

  11. Denali you are a great friend
    Ysabel you are very smart
    Thalia you are very funny

  12. Happy birthday Thalia, Ysabel, and Denali, I think all of you are very nice and smart.

  13. Denali you are a great friend.
    Ysabel you are very intelligent.
    Thalia you are funny.

  14. Denali you are a good friend
    ysabel el you are smart
    Thalia you are pretty smart you show it a lot in social studies

  15. Denali, you're always quiet and focused in class.
    Ysabel, you have excellent artistic skills.
    Thalia, you always strive to complete your work and the task at hand.


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